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More than only lemurs are the focus of this 10-day journey around Madagascar. Learn about the local culture and distinctive ecology that have helped to shape this fascinating island nation.

In Antananarivo, sometimes known as “Tana” by locals, your guide will meet you and transport you to your hotel. The world-famous Indri lemurs, the largest type of lemur, may be found in Pennet Special Reserve, a rainforest park in Andasibe. This is the only place to see these amazing (and quite adorable) animals because they cannot live in captivity.


  • More than only lemurs are the focus of this 10-day journey around Madagascar. Learn about the local culture and distinctive ecology that have helped to shape this fascinating island nation.
  • In Antananarivo, sometimes known as "Tana" by locals, your guide will meet you and transport you to your hotel. The world-famous Indri lemurs, the largest type of lemur, may be found in Pennet Special Reserve, a rain-forest park in Andasibe. This is the only place to see these amazing (and quite adorable) animals because they cannot live in captivity.
  • They are one of the twelve kinds of lemurs that live in Pennet, but when you consider that there are more than a thousand varieties of orchids, you can see that the lemurs are not the only aspect of Madagascar's natural world.
  • The next day, visit Mantadia National Park, which is home to a variety of lemur species as well as many native birds, animals, and reptiles that are rarely (if ever) seen elsewhere. Before going back to Tana, pay one more visit to Lemur Island.
  • Fly further south to Fort Dauphin and then take a transfer to Mandare River Camp. Take a stroll in the Zenavo Forest at night to learn more about the area.
  • The forest comes to life at this season with a whole new diversity of species. The next day, cross the Mandrare River and stroll through the forest during the day to find additional lemurs, including the threatened (and quite playful) Verreaux's sifaka. Spend the afternoon exploring Madagascar's most well-known furry inhabitants while your knowledgeable guide takes you to the ancient tombs of the Antandroy tribe.
  • Exploring the Spiny Forest after a cup of hot coffee will help you stay alert for lemurs and other wildlife as you meander among the octopus trees' "tentacles." The afternoon is spent lazing by the river, where you can often see wildlife. Enjoy a traditional dance performance in the evening for a close-up look at Madagascar's native culture.
  • Before you go, spend one final evening in Tana.


An English-speaking guide from MCC will meet you at the airport in Ivato and take you to your hotel in the upper town of Antananarivo. In contrast to the rest of Madagascar, Tana, as the locals refer to it, has beautiful traditional architecture and a stronger Indonesian influence.

Dinner is planned for this night.


Your guide will take you east to Andasibe, a magnificent rainforest park, some four hours' drive from the capital, after an early breakfast. The Perinet Special Reserve and Mantadia National Park are the two protected areas that make up the park. The largest extant species of lemur,
Indri lemurs, are famous around the world for inhabiting Perinet. With rice fields, redbrick homes, and roadside kiosks selling seasonal fruits and vegetables line the way, the trip to Andasibe provides first-time visitors to Madagascar with a gentle introduction to rural life. For
lunch, check into the hotel. A local guide will lead a night stroll through the reserve's surrounding forest in the late evening. Numerous nocturnal lemur species, including mouse lemurs, woolly lemurs, fat-tailed dwarf lemurs, and white-footed sportive lemurs, will be visible.

All meals are included.


You will leave for Mantadia National Park after breakfast and bring a picnic lunch (about a one-hour 30-minute journey). In this magnificent park, look for the Indri, diademed sifaka, grey bamboo lemur, red-bellied lemur, and white ruffed lemur, among other lemur species. The forest is taller, wilder, and less crowded than Perinet, despite the routes being a little bit more challenging. There are numerous birds, including the breasted coua, the pitta-like ground roller, and the scaly ground roller. With so many rarely-seen species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, this is a naturalist's paradise. Before hiking back to the car and going back to the lodge, have a picnic beside the Rianasoa Waterfall. You could decide to join your local guide for another night walk in the evening.

*Meal Plan Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast


After breakfast, have a guided tour of the 810 hectare Perinet Reserve to look for the Indri. This lemur is one of the few species in the world that cannot thrive in captivity. It has a scarcely discernible tail, black and white patterns, and an unexpected teddy bear face. As you stroll into the rain-forest, you can see an additional 11 species of lemur. Grey bamboo lemurs, common brown lemurs, diademed sifakas, and black-and-white ruffed lemurs are among the possible species you will encounter. Birdwatchers should keep an eye out for indigenous species such the velvet asity, blue coua, nuthatch vanga, and many others.Many reptiles, insects, and some of Madagascar's over a thousand orchid species can be found in Perinet. At the hotel for lunch. Journey back to Tana in the afternoon and check into a hotel close to the airport (around a
5-hour drive). Arrive for dinner.

All meals are included.


Transfer to Ivato Airport following breakfast for a morning flight with Tsaradia to Fort Dauphin (3 hours). You will be met in Fort Dauphin by a tour guide and a car from Mandrare River Camp who will drive you to a nearby eatery. Drive to Mandrare River Camp after a leisurely lunch (4 hours). When you get to the site, put up your tent and take in the magnificent views of the Mandrare River. Leave for a nighttime stroll in the Forest of Zenavo at around 5 o'clock. This is a great approach to witness the nocturnal lemurs waking up and the daytime lemurs settling
down in the mysterious and ancient Spiny Forest. Once the sun has fallen, two mouse lemur species, sleeping birds, chameleons, owls, and now-active Sportive lemurs will all be visible in addition to sifakas and sleeping white-foot sportive lemurs.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the meal plan.


You will leave the camp after breakfast to explore the breathtaking Sacred Gallery Forest. You can get to this primarily deciduous forest by walking over the Mandrare River or taking a boat, depending on the river's depth. The highlights of this trip are the curious ring-tailed lemur groups and the perpetually entertaining Verreaux sifaka. After lunch, spend the afternoon lazing by the pool at camp. Take a stroll through the sacred prickly forest in the late afternoon. It is home to the ancestral tombs of the nearby Antandroy tribe and a remarkable variety of flora and wildlife that are exclusive to the spiny forest.You will learn about Antandroy culture and customs from your English-speaking guide and a tracker from the neighborhood. Sun-downers on the banks of the Mandrare River follow your visit.

*A menu plan

Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast


Head to the Spiny Forest for a morning walk after a cup of tea or coffee. Watch the octopus trees open to the sun while keeping an eye out for the many indigenous birds, like the crested coua, several vangas, and the running coua. After a hearty breakfast, return to camp before
visiting the neighborhood market (open on Thursdays and Saturdays) or the village to meet the intriguing Antandroy tribe. After lunch is served at the camp, you can unwind by spending the afternoon on the terrace of your tent and taking in the activity along the river. Leave for a sun-downer among the baobabs around 5 o'clock. A beautiful experience is watching the sunset and the moon rise with a view of the mountains beyond the Baobab trees. The local village can show up in the evening to perform lovely traditional dances that are accompanied by singing and music. The primary ceremonies and events of daily life are accompanied by song and dance, which are at the center of Antandroy culture.

Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast


Leave for a day trip to the picturesque Lac Anony after breakfast. Greater Flamingos and other saltwater birds can be seen in this saltwater lake, which is home to a number of sizable sand dunes that divide it from the Indian Ocean. It takes two hours to get from the camp to the lake. When you arrive, stroll to a lovely picnic location near the lakeshore. Take a swim in the lake after scaling the 70-foot-high sand dunes for a breathtaking view of the surroundings. In time for dinner, return to the camp.

*A menu plan

Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast


Drive to Fort Dauphin (4 hours) after breakfast to arrive in time for your Tsaradia flight back to Tana. You will be met at Ivato Airport by an English-speaking MCC tour guide who will drive you to your hotel.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the meal plan.


Your local representative will transfer you to the airport and assist with check-in for your subsequent flight after breakfast at your hotel and check-out.

Breakfast is included in the meal plan.

  • Help at the airport
  • Private airport transportation is available from and to Antananarivo.
  • Shared airstrip transfers at Ifotaka for arrivals and departures
  • 3 nights in a luxury hotel in Antananarivo
  • 2 nights in a first-class hotel Andasibe
  • 4 nights of luxurious lodging at Mandrare River Camp
  • Days 1-4 and 9-10: Private vehicle transportation
  • Days 5–9 of shared transportation at Mandrare River Camp
  • English-speaking guide services Throughout Andasibe and Mandrare
  • Privately guided, local guide-led nighttime stroll through Andasibe
  • Mantadia National Park expedition with a personal guide and a picnic lunch
  • Private tour with a local guide to the Perinet Reserve
  • shared pursuits at Mandrare consisting of:
  • The Forest of Zenavo small-group nighttime stroll
  • Sacred Gallery Forest small-group guided walk
  • Sacred Spiny Forest afternoon walk in small groups led by an Antandroy community leader
  • Morning stroll in the Spiny Forest with a small group of guides
  • Small group sundowners among the baobabs or a visit to a village or local market
  • Day trip to Lac Anony with a small group
  • Private tour of the Antananarivo local craft market
  • Any and all community, environmental, and park fees
  • Taxes are included in the scheduled charter trip from Antananarivo to Ifotaka.
  • Most alcoholic beverages, including house wines and spirits, are served at Mandrare River Camp
  • 8 lunches, 8 dinners, and 9 breakfasts
  • Travel protection
  • Taxes on airline and international travel
  • Taxes on domestic flights and fares are not specifically specified as being included.
  • No mention of meals and drinks being included
  • Gratuities
  • Alternative outings
  • Items of a personal nature, and, if applicable, Visa fees

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